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boychesser screenshot

A very small yet strong C# chess engine and the winner of Sebastian Lague's Tiny Chess Bots Challenge. Around 2770 Elo on the CCRL blitz list. Joint project with MinusKelvin and a few other friends.


$ cargo run --release --example perft -- 7
   Compiling cozy-chess v0.3.0
    Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 6.37s
     Running `target\release\examples\perft.exe 7`
3195901860 nodes in 10.05s (318045465 nps)

A fast Chess and Chess960 move generation library written in Rust suitable for Chess engines.


webperft screenshot

A Chess and Chess960 move generation testing utility that helps you easily check perft results in the browser.


A superhuman Chess and Chess960 engine written in Rust. Built on top of cozy-chess.


lunatic-web screenshot

A web client for a WebAssembly port of Lunatic, the much weaker predecessor to Tantabus.


cold-clear-web screenshot

A web client for a WebAssembly port of MinusKelvin's cold-clear Tetris AI.


A work in progress NES emulator written in Rust.


screenshot of ColdTaco playing NES tetris

A C# program that leverages the Nintaco API to get cold-clear to play NES Tetris.


glowfish screenshot

A simple WASM-4 chess game with an optional "Vs CPU" mode.


A Rust library for the inference of Stockfish NNUE neural networks.


A simple neural network-based digit classifier based on the MNIST database. Written as an excerise to better understand backpropagation and neural networks.

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